Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Some photos from the past couple months:

Most of my times is spent with my training group and Shqip teacher in the village. It's been great getting to know each of them through our projects, being silly in class, and taking long walks in the hills and fields.

....speaking of long walks, fields of poppies like this one are common sights while walking in the springtime.

I've spend lots of time these past three months at this school in the village.
The oldest and youngest pictured here are my two host sisters. They look like sweethearts in this picture all dressed up for a school party.


Gaby said...

Wow, the field of flowers is beautiful. Secondly, I'm so glad that my mom never dressed me up like that when i was that age. Wow.

Marissa said...

The poppies remind me of the Wizard of Oz. "Poppies will make them sleep!"
I love that there is a bovine of some sort outside of your school.
And excuse me, Ms. Ellenberger, but those dresses are just beautiful.

Big hugs,

DavyP said...

Awww... your sisters look so cute! And I agree with Marissa... the dresses are beautiful. I do know, however, that at that age, I probably would have gotten the darn dress all muddy and grass stained. At which point, my mommy would have spanked my bottom.