Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Hi friends and family!

Here's a quick first post before I fly to Albania today. I arrived first to staging on Monday so was put in charge on taking pictures of all 37 other volunteers going to Albania with me. It was a great way to meet everyone in the groups although I still don't remember everyones names. After sorting out all of the papers and going through introductions, the Albanian Ambassador stopped by for a surprise visit to welcome us and prepare us for service in his country. He assured us that Albanians love Americans, almost excessively, and that we were both wanted and needed in his country.

I am very fortunate to have connected instantly with many other volunteers in my training group. We are a diverse group as far as interests and backgrounds but somehow have so much in common. Monday night in Georgetown I went out to dinner with a group of nine other trainees then walked to the mall to see the monuments light up at night. It was a great way to boost positive energy and get pumped for the trip ahead of us.

Today I fly from DC to Vienna and then to Tirana, Albania. I can't wait to get there and see my home for the next two years. I love you all and will miss you tremedously... keep checking for future posts and feel free to post back!


Paul said...

From the road trip I know how nice a blog comment can be, so I'm honored to be the first to do so on yours. I'll be reading religiously, and I promise to do my best to keep in touch. I'm so happy for you, Jen. Good luck over there.


PS: yesterday I delivered a perfect 10 and it made me miss you.

Gaby said...

Jen, I was scrolling through my phone book on my cell phone to call a different Jen, and I got so sad when I realized I wouldn't be needing your number for over two years!!! I hope you're having a good time so far :)


Rachel said...

They are lucky to have you!!

bathmate said...

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